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Bradley is more than just an empowering & positive meditation teacher. He is someone who ‘walks his talk’, and has a real passion for spreading mindfulness. His true and genuine spirit is a pleasure to work with.

Kshitij Minglani,   CEO of Omvana

Three of my Favourite Ways to Help the Good Folks of Planet Earth


Create A Daily Meditation Practice You Love

The first best way to effectively #GSD (Get Shit Done) is to #GYST (Get your Shit Together). I challenge you to take my 21 day meditation program (AKA Stress Loss Diet). You will feel lighter and lose stress fast. Guaranteed!


Know What You Want, Make A Plan & Live It (um, today)

Be bold enough to dream, courageous enough to act and wild enough to create the lifestyle and business you want. Own your ultimate vision, plan your next steps, align your choices and live your dreams now. It's simple math.


Create the Greatest eCourse you Can Possibly Imagine

Take an adventure through a strange new land and learn how to create the greatest, most creative, highly engaging eCourse you can imagine. Yay - a path to doing your passion in the digital Universe that's fun! Check it out.

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